Book Review: ‘The Silver Shooter: A Rose Gallagher Mystery’ By Erin Lindsey

It’s 1887 in book three of author Erin Lindsey’s Rose Gallagher series. This time around Rose and Thomas are still in New York when they get a visit from Theodore Roosevelt. They both work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and he has been saved by them in the past. He now wants them to investigate strange going’s on at his ranch in the Dakota Badlands. Cattle, Horses are being attacked and killed by what seems like a strange creature. It’s affecting his stock and that of others in the area. There’s also been a sighting of a murdered man, who was looking for gold.

Rose and Thomas head there posing as photographers and start their investigation. They start at the ranch and are told that a creature that looks like it’s more than one animal has left tracks. They also have to make friends with the local Indian tribes as they search for this creature. They soon run afoul of the some of the locals and learn what this creature is. Rose is also being haunted by the ghost and it’s a race to save one of their own and stop this mystical creature before it’s too late.

And on top of that Rose and Thomas have to fight their attraction to each other. And then there’s a shocking ending that will play into future novels.

A solid novel not as good as the first two in the series. There wasn’t as much magical elements in this one. It was more of an old west story with some magic. Hopefully the next book will get back to the core of what the first two were.

You can pick up The Silver Shooter in stores now from Minotaur Books.

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