Book Review: ‘The Shadow Box: A Novel’ By Luanne Rice

Claire is married to the very rich and powerful Griffin Chase, who is running for the Governor’s office. The story starts off with Claire waking up after being attacked and left for dead. She is almost positive it was Griffin. She takes off until she can find proof it was him. He has most of the cops in his pocket and all she can do is run. Claire knows something about his past and she’s ready to use it. When she doesn’t show up for her art show, the events of her being attacked is found. At the same time a boat is on fire and the body of a man and a young child is found, they’re both rushed to the hospital. Detective Conor Reid is on both cases and as he digs learns secrets that involve the neighbors and the rich and famous that live in his town.

The story is told from various characters points of views and we learn the secrets as they happen in before and after format. It’s a solid thriller but very predictable with no major twists and turns or OMG moments.

You can pick up The Shadow Box in stores on Monday, February 1st.

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