Book Review: ‘The Sentinel’ Is The Next Great Jack Reacher Novel From Lee Child And Andrew Child

I have seen Jack Reacher movies and have liked them. I have never read a Jack Reacher novel before I read the 25th book in the series The Sentinel by Lee Child and Andrew Child. And all I can say is wow. It is a great book. Not sure why I never read one before. The book is so well written and Jack is a bad ass.

Jack is a loner always on the road to nowhere with cash, a toothbrush and his passport. He happens to be in a small Tennessee town and of course where ever Jack is trouble is. He doesn’t have to go looking for it as he finds it. He happens to see a man Rusty Rutherford about to be ambushed and decides to help him out. Six guys are not problem for Jack. The thing about Jack is he thinks three moves ahead. And he gives his opponent a chance to get away without being hurt. He actually asks them questions and gives them a chance.

Rusty was recently fired from his IT job for the town after it was hit with a viscious hack that took the whole town down and is now being blackmailed to get back online. But why someone wants him is a mystery. one that Jack is going to figure out to help out Rusty and possibly save the town. And it means taking down bad guy after bad guy. Did I say that Jack Reacher is a bad ass? Because he is.

You can pick up The Sentinel in stores on Tuesday, October 27th from Delacorte Press.

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