Book Review: ‘The Secretary: A Novel’ Tells You Not To Cross The Woman That Knows Your Secrets

The secretary may be the most valuable person in an office. He or she usually knows all the secrets (personal and professional). In the case of Christine Butcher that has never been more true. She has worked for Mina Appleton for 18 years. And she knows everything about her including her passwords, her schedule and everything else.

Mina is the head of Appleton (a grocery chain in England) since her father stepped down. Her father was an honorable man. Mina is not. And Christine secretly knew this but looked the other way. Whatever Mina wanted she did. It cost her the family that she had. Her husband found another woman and they divorced. Her daughter got fed up and went and lived with her dad. And now Mina is in legal trouble and that also involved Christine since she is her personal assistant.

Just as Christine thinks Mina has her back she is shocked when she sees she really doesn’t and will throw her to the wolves if it means saving her own skin. But Christine is not the mouse the Mina thinks she is and Christine is pissed off and she comes up with a plan for the ultimate revenge. One that is deadly and could cost someone their live.

Author Renee Knight is back with her second novel and it’s a page-turner of a story. It has many twists and turns and shows just how much a woman scorned will want her revenge. You won’t have it figured out until the shocking ending right up to the last word.

You can pick up The Secretary in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from Harper Collins.

* This book has nothing to do with the movie that came out years ago with the same title.

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