Book Review: ‘The Secret Life Of Sam Holloway’ By Rhys Thomas

Sam Holloway has had a rough time of late. He is a bit of a loner with a couple of close friends he goes to the pub with. He has a job at a warehouse that pays well and he’s good at his job. But things haven’t been good for him since ‘the event’ happened that changed his life. He has his routines and the way he likes things to be and he tries to stick to them.

Then he meets Sarah and he likes her. They spend quite a bit of time with each other and soon fall in love. But this is freaking him out. And then he gets in trouble at work. Then Sarah’s ex shows up. Then she learns he lied to her and has been snooping. And then she breaks up with him.

What did he lie about? Mainly that he is a superhero by night. He dresses up as ‘The Phantasm’ and goes out at night and helps the lest fortunate and sometimes stops small crimes. No one knows his identity but soon that gets out. His present and past catch up with him and he only hopes he can keep his job and Sarah.

Sam is such a likeable character that you root for him the whole time. He has his flaws and his backstory is well fleshed out and the story is a lot of fun with the real life of Sam and the Superhero life of Sam. Well worth a read.

You can pick up The Secret Life Of Sam Holloway in stores now.

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