Book Review: ‘The Scent Keeper: Novel’ By Erica Bauermeister

Emmeline grew up on an isolated island with her father. They lived off the land growing their own fruits and veggies and hunting and fishing. Her dad even said there were mermaids that would bring them supplies and gifts. Her father also had these secret little bottles with scents in them. Once a year he would take out a machine and print a piece of paper and put it in a little glass bottle and seal it. Each one was a scent keeper. He taught Emmeline to read and write and to try and preserve scents.

Emmeline soon learns the truth about things and then tragedy strikes. She is rescued by friends of her father and goes to live with them at the age of 12. She soon has to learn about the real world and go to school. It doesn’t go well at school. As she starts a new life she soon learns that the island was a paradise compared to the world. She makes a close friend in Fisher, who has an abusive father and he soon takes off leaving her to find himself. Emmeline years later decides she has to leave this small village and find her mother and has to deal with who she is and how she acts and how the world works.

The story is told in Emmeline’s voice and starts off strong with a great premise with a great setting on the island. Author Erica Bauermeister sets a great picture with her description of life there (makes me want to go live on an island). As the story progresses it’s interesting to see how she adjusts to the world and tries to adapt. She even learns about a thing called the internet and google! The whole story with the scents is interesting and the author does keep the reader engaged as the story unfolds.

You can pick up The Scent Keeper in stores on Tuesday, May 21st from St. Martin’s Press.

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