Book Review: ‘The Safe Place: A Novel’ By Anna Downes

Emily is having a rough time. She’s an aspiring actress and has just freaked out at an audition. She was late to work and was fired. Her bank account is over-drafted, the rent was attempted to be taken out early and bounced. She’s being evicted from her apartment. She has lost her representation at her acting agency and is having issues with her mother. She’s hit rock bottom.

Little does she know that some of what’s happening to her is because of her former boss Scott Denny, the CEO of the company she worked for. She runs into him on the street and he acts like he knew nothing about her being let go. He always liked her and he has something else for her. She meets with him and offers her a job being a personal assistant, housekeeper, gardener and whatever else needs being done to his wife Nina and daughter Aurelia in France. They have a secluded estate.

Emily takes the job and is amazed when she sees the house. She also sees things seem a bit weird. Nina is an over-protected mother and learns that Aurelia has some medical issues. She sticks it out there doing the job but things just don’t make sense to her. And then she figures out a shocking secret. One that may mean her life.

This is the debut novel from author Anna Downes and it’s a solid thriller. It goes by predicable story-telling with some twists and turns as you learn the secret. A good summer novel for the beach or pool.

You can pick up The Safe Place in stores on Tuesday, July 14th from Minotaur Books.

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