Book Review: ‘The Rocky Road To Ruin: An Ice Cream Shop Mystery’ By Meri Allen

Riley Rhoades is back home after working as a food blogger and for the CIA. Something went wrong in Italy on her assignment and she’s on leave. Her best friend Caroline’s mother has died and she’s back for the funeral and to see her dad. Riley is also helping out at the family ice cream store Udderly Delicious Ice Cream Shop. Caroline’s playboy brother Mike wants to sell the family land and Caroline does not. And then Mike is found dead and the potenital suspects add up. Riley goes into investigation mode and starts asking guestions and it leads to conflicts with the police. As she takes over the ice cream shop and the big annual Sunshine festival is about to take place, Riley continues to look for the murderer.

This is a fun small town mystery, complete with two fun cats as supporting characters. It’s the first book in the series and hopefully more adventures with Riley and the cats will be on tap.

You can pick up The Rocky Road To Ruin in stores now.

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