Book Review: ‘The Pirate’s Wife: The Remarkable True Story Of Sarah Kidd’ By Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos

You may have known about the legendary pirate Captain Kidd but you might not have heard of his wife Sarah Kidd. I know I had never heard of her. She was a wife, mother of five and was the live of Captain Kidd, even though she had been married twice before they met. There love was pure and genuine and for a while they had everything they needed. Then the Captain went to the sea to pirate French ships, with permission of the King of England. But he took it too far and robbed other ships, killed crew members and had a rebellion on his hands at times at sea. And when he got back he was made an example of and thrown in jail, as was Sarah, but no charges stuck against her. Sarah did everything she could to try and save Billy, even planning to break him out of jail. This is a book about how Sarah married young, became a strong young woman, was known in society and despite everything fought for the love of her life, in a time when women were seen and not heard. There’s a lot of Captain Kidd in this book as well, but Sarah is a force and this is her story. A really well researched book is the highlight of this real-life story of Sarah Kidd.

You can pick up The Pirate’s Wife in stores on Tuesday, November 8th from Hanover Square Press.

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