Book Review: ‘The Pharaoh Key’ Is The Next Exciting Gideon Crew Adventure

I love nothing better than a good action, adventure book. My first time reading a Gideon Crew novel (this is adventure number 5) did not disappoint. It had everything that is good about a story. Strong characters, lots of adventure, deadly situations and a small dose of lol moments made for a satisfying first time read for me. It also is a short book at just 310 pages and short easy to read chapters with no useless filler (thank you for that) like some books have.

Gideon has a short time remaining to live. He has a deadly disease and has decided he is going to make the most of his time left. After being let go from his job at EES when the company just shut down, he teams up with another worker named Garza and they discover a secret file downloaded on the company computer. Once they are able to copy it and decipher it, it leads them to a far corner of Egypt/Syria that is remote but may hold a treasure. Using the money he has left over from previous jobs they make plans to head to the Middle East.

When they get there they start their journey. But not everything goes as planned. Numerous situations arrive that puts them at risk and it will take all their smarts and cunning to get them out of situation after situation. They are stranded in the desert, taken by a hidden tribe, forced to fight for their lives in combat and one of them even is forced to be married. When they discover the secret treasure it leads to a showdown in the desert that they just might not survive.

You can pick up The Pharaoh Key in stores on Tuesday, June 12th, from Grand Central Publishing.

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