Book Review: ‘The Paris Wedding’ Asks Can You Really Reconnect With A Lost Love?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Paris the city of love, romance and great food. It’s also the setting of a wedding. The wedding of an ex. The wedding of your ex that your truly loved and never got over 10 years ago. And now you are invited to that wedding. What do you do? Do you go or stay home? Oh did I mention it’s an all expensive paid trip to Paris from your home about 4 hours from Sydney, Australia. And your you can bring a guest and other people from your town are invited as well. Again what do you do?

Rachael West has been living at her family farm and taking care of it for the last ten years. She’s also been taking care of her mother who has MS. It’s finally caught up with her and she has passed away. Rachael now has to bury her and get on with her life and the farm. Then things take a turn. She gets a wedding invitation to her ex Matthew’s wedding in Paris. She is surprised he is getting married as he told her when they were together he didn’t have time to get married as he was going to Uni to be a doctor. Now he’s engaged to a very rich woman Bonnie. Rachael decides the best way to get over Matthew is to go to the wedding (she still loves the guy after all this time). She asks her best friend Sammy to go (who is having issues in her relationship).

So off to Paris they go. Rachel has been preparing by making new dresses to wear (she learned from her mom who was quite the designer/seamstress). In Paris when sees Matthew after all this time it becomes too much for her. She’s ready to bolt but decides to stay. She also catches the attention of a handsome photographer and the Grandmother of the bride, who loves her designs and encourages her to be a designer or at least learn more about it. She also is thinking of going back to Uni for journalism.

All this is thrown for a loop when Matthew makes an admission to hear and throws her life into turmoil. The city of love is going to change her life in ways she never imagined and could give her what she’s wanted for ten years or blow her life apart.

Author Charlotte Nash has written a heartfelt story of love, friendship, regrets, lost love and new beginnings. A perfect summer read for the beach or pool for all the romantics out there. And it will make you want to go to Paris.

You can pick up The Paris Wedding in stores from William Morrow on Tuesday, June 12.