Book Review: ‘The Other Mrs.: A Novel’ By Mary Kubica

Will Foust and his wife Sadie and their two kids 14 year old Otto and 7 year old Tate move to a small island off the coast of Maine for a new start to their lives. Will’s sister has committed suicide and left her house to them and her 16 year old daughter Imogen (who is a handful). They had a lot of problems in Chicago before they left and hoping this will change things.

The hopeful change isn’t happening. A few months after they have moved in a neighbor is murdered. That’s unheard of on this island. Sadie is more than they imagined (in a bad way), Otto is acting up and Will is being weird. And Sadie is suspicious of everything. Things don’t make sense when a neighbor says he saw Sadie near the murdered victim, her son says he saw her at his school and Will keeps defending everyone but her.

It all leads to stunning revelations and secrets that shatter everyone and someone else ends up dead because of it. If you read along closely you’ll be able to figure out things long before the reveals (or maybe it’s because I read so many books I was able to). It’s a solid mystery with twists and turns that keep the reader engaged. It also uses the telling the story from multiple people’s points of views, which does enhance the story-telling.

You can pick up The Other Mrs. in stores on Tuesday, February 18th from Park Row.

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