Book Review: ‘The One You Want: A Novel’ By Jennifer Ryan

Rose is returning to her home town for the first time in eight years. She had an abusive father and got out as soon as she could, leaving her younger sister and mother to deal with him. He died so she doesn’t have to worry about him but the scars still remain. She’s determined to fix things with her family. She’s back in town for her best friend’s Maggie’s wedding, she’s the maid of honor. The first night she gets together with her, she meets Gray the best man (who is hot and she likes right away) and Marc, the groom, a man she had a one night stand with a year ago (and who had a girlfriend at the time), before he met Maggie. Now things are awkward for her. She starts dating Gray and they fall for each other right away. But she has the secret about Marc, who wants her to keep her mouth shut. She’s torn at what to do afraid she will lose Maggie and Gray. But secrets always come out and she learns a big secret from her sister as they’re repairing their relationship. This is a great character driven novel and some well-place twists and turns and you will not want to put it down. A perfect book for your summer reading.

You can pick up The One You Want in stores on Tuesday, July 5th from Avon.

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