Book Review: ‘The Mothers: A Novel’ By Genevieve Gannon

Two couples who desperately want a baby have their lives turned upside down when it’s revealed there was a major mistake in a lab. For Grace and Dan and Priya Nick having a baby is a dream for each of them. Each couple has had trouble conceiving. They’re now doing IVF and not having much sucess. They both are going to the same clinic and one of the women gets pregnant and is told she’s having a girl. The baby is born and is a boy and looks nothing like his parents. They quickly figure out something is not right and the doctor at the clinic figures it out as well and tells the other woman what happened. It leads to a custody battle and one couple will have their live torn apart.

A gripping novel of what a major hospital mistake can mean to two couples and the life of a child. There’s no easy answer and what would you do if this happened to you? It makes you think as you follow along with these four people and wonder how they will survive this ordeal.

You can pick up The Mothers in stores on Tuesday, May 11th from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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