Book Review: ‘The Missing Sister: A Novel’ By Elle Marr

Shayna Darby has buried her parents without her twin sister with her. She’s ready to start Medical school. And then she gets word that her twin Angela has been killed in Paris where she lives. Now Shayna has to drop everything and go identify the body and bring her back. She was found with a bullet in her head and had been submerged in water for a week. It’s hard to see her face.

When she gets to Angela’s apartment she meets Serb who had gone out with her for a while. Shayna starts to go through Angela’s apartment looking for clues and what her last days were like to try and figure out what happened. The police don’t have much to go on. They Shayna sees it…a special message in code from when they were kids. Alive..Trust No One. Does this mean Angela is still alive somewhere? Shayna feels she is. She goes to identify the body and says it is Angela even though it isn’t. That doesn’t mean she’s alive still but Shayna changes her plans and goes on the offensive to try and find Angela.

What she finds and where she has to go include places she would never go. She can’t believe what Angela might have gotten into and now Shayna is checking out seedy places and the underbelly of Paris. All while a killer is following her and then she does the unspeakable and leads the killer right to the one person she doesn’t want to. Who will survive when no one even knows where they are.

A well-crafted story set in the glamorous city of Paris brings the city alive. At its heart it’s a story about family and two sisters that have their differences but would always be there for each other. The setting works perfectly here for this story. With twists and turns to keep the reader engaged right from the beginning.

You can pick up The Missing Sister in stores on Tuesday, March 31st

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