Book Review: ‘The Matchmaker’s List’ Is A Delightful Look At An Indian Woman Dating

Raina Anand is 29 years old and single. This doesn’t sit well with her Grandmother Nani. She should be married by now and having kids. Raina is married to her job and doesn’t date much. She’s still getting over her ex Dev 2 years later. Or is he her ex. They still talk and it seems like it may still be going on. But Raina finds it hard to say no to Nani. Nani has a list of men that Raina can go out with.

So Raina decides to check out these men. And it’s hilarious. We go on the dates with her and see them through her eyes. And some of these guys are something else. None of them seem to be good matches. Then Raina meets a friend of a friend and there are sparks. But Dev is also back and she thinks they may get back together. But he’s the same Dev and Raina finally realizes that what she wants and what she can have are different. In order to get Nani off her back she tells her something that’s not true. And it eventually causes some shock-waves in her life. But in the end she sees that what she wants may just be right in front of her.

The Matchmaker’s List is a delightful debut novel from author Sonya Lalli. It incorporates the modern Indian culture versus the traditional Indian culture. If you’re a fan of rom-cons this is perfect for you. It would make a great movie or TV series. A lot of women can probably relate to what Raina goes through with her dating and having to deal with her Grandmother trying to run he life. There were many LOL moments as well.

So if you’re looking for a fun read pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from Berkley Trade Paperback.

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