Book Review: ‘The Long Call’ Is A Good Start To A New Series From Ann Cleeves

Author Ann Cleves (Vera Stanhope series) is back with a new character Detective Matthew Venn and a promising start to a new series set around him in North Devon. A murder has taken place and now Matthew has to investigate it. As he starts his investigation he finds he may have to remove himself since it indirectly involves his husband Jonathan and where he works at the Woodyard Center.

Matthew Venn is outside the church where his father is being laid to rest. He can’t go inside since he renounced himself from the brethren years ago and was estranged from his parents. As he walks away he gets a call that a body has been found stabbed to death near the beach near where he lives. There is a piece of mail that has an address in town so that is where he begins his investigation. The man murdered is Simon Walden, who has a checkered past. The more he investigates everything leads back to the Woodyard Center.

It leads Matthew to investigate people he knew growing up and hasn’t talked to in years. The past and present collide as he narrows down the suspects and who may have committed the murder and other strange things that have been going on in town. Two girls have vanished and then found. It is all tied together until Matthew figures it all out.

A great start to this series with the vulnerable Matthew and other cast of characters. The mystery is solid and for fans of Vera Stanhope like me, this is an intriguing new series. Author Ann Cleeves never disappoints.

You can pick up The Long Call in stores on Tuesday, September 3rd from Minotaur Books.

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