Book Review: ‘The Lives Of Edie Pritchard’ By Larry Watson

This is the story of Edie Pritchard who lives in a small town in Montana. The story is set in three time periods. In 1967 she’s married to Dean but things are not working out great. He has a twin brother Roy, who has always had the hots for Edie. She is a beauty and men have always fawned over her. Things happen and she ends up just leaving Dean and the town.

Forward to 1987 and she’s been married to Gary for many years now and has an 18 year old daughter. But things are not so great with Dean and she ends up back in her Montana town when she learns of someone close to her being sick. Her husband follows her there and demands she come back to him and their life. Once again Edie takes off.

In 2007 now in her early 60’s she lives back in the town she wanted to leave all those years ago. She works for a dentist and her live is going well. Her Granddaughter is coming for a visit. She hasn’t seen a lot of her over the years and is with her boyfriend and his brother. Once again it seems like it’s 1967 again watching her with the brothers.

A fascinating look at one strong woman over the span of 40 years that keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. The characters are well-written and you root for Edie as you read the story.

You can pick up The Lives Of Edie Pritchard in stores on Tuesday, July 21st.

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