Book Review: ‘The Last Heir To Blackwood Library: A Novel’ By Hester Fox

The year is 1925, and for Ivy Radcliff, her life is going to change. She just found out she was left Blackwood Abbey, and is now Lady Hayworth, as she’s a distant relative, and the only one left. She makes her way to the new home, complete with servants, who wait on her, but give her looks, and worries. Furthermore, she soon learns things are not right with this house, and it seems to start with the library, which she’s warned about. Soon Ivy starts forgetting things, gets terrible headaches, and sees things. Her only friend Arthur, who wants to open the library for his group, and for scholars, is by her side. But we soon learn he has another motive. Soon the shocking truth comes out about what’s really happening, an ancient evil, that can destroy Ivy, unless she can somehow stop it, and she may be the only one. A creepy, eerie, well-written novel, that keeps the tension up, and secrets flying, with twists and turns galore. Fans of intense mystery thrillers will like this one.

You can pick up The Last Heir Of Blackwood Library in stores on Tuesday, April 4th from Graydon House.

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