Book Review: ‘The Kindred Spirits Supper Club: A Rom-Com Novel’ By Amy E. Reichert

I love reading rom-coms because they follow a simple format. The only difference between each new one written is how the characters and story are presented. In Amy E, Reichert’s new book it’s knotched up a step because it involves ghosts as well. And I have to say it’s the best rom-com of the year so far. It’s just a delightful story to read with two well-written characters, conflicts and ghosts!

For Sabrina a move back to Wisconsin wasn’t in the cards but she had to anyway. And that meant being part of the family history being able to see and talk to ghosts. The females in her family have been doing this for years. They try and help them move on and finish their business. Ray has also moved back from New York City to be close to his dying uncle and take over his restaurant. He’s been doing a good job on that front and then his uncle finally dies. His parents have threatened to sell all the assets in order to get him back to New York. He meets Sabrina at the water park and is smitten with her. She thinks he’s cute as does Molly the ghost. But she’s not interested in a relationship partly because of the ghost thing. They keep running into each other and make a deal. She will help him plan a big social event and he will be her pretend boyfriend. But pretend things never work out and they soon fall for each other. But there’s still the pesky thing of ghosts, espically when Ray’s uncle still has unfinished business and Sabrina will have to help him out.

You can pick up The Kindred Spirits Supper Club in stores on Tuesday, April 20th from Berkley.

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