Book Review: ‘The Historians: A Novel’ By Cecilia Ekbäck

The year is 1943 and Sweden is neutral in the war. For Laura Dahlgren her life is about to change. She works for the countries trade negoatiations with Germany. She gets a call that her best friend Britta is missing. They were close in college a few years ago but haven’t seen much of each other since then. She goes to search for her and finds her body. She is dead and has been tourtered.

Soon her path will cross with that of Jens Regnell, who is secretary to the Swedish minister of foreign affairs. He received the thesis of Britta in the mail but only looked at the table of contents before throwing it away. He soon learns of Britta’s death and remembers she sent it to her. He seeks out Laura and soon they are working together. But they may be getting to close to the truth and put their lives in danger.

A solid WWII thriller filled with intrigue and suspense that keeps the reader engaged throughout the story. I love these kind of books.

You can pick up The Historians in stores on Tuesday, January 12th from Harper Perennial.

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