Book Review: ‘The Hiding Place: A Mercy Carr Mystery’ By Paula Munier

Book number three in the Mercy and Elvis book series is as exciting as book number one. It’s a thrill ride in the snowy mountains of Vermont, with mysteries from the past and life-threatening adventures for the human and animal characters.

Mercy is still reeling from what happened with Troy in book number two and now somone wants to take Elvis her dog from her. She’s drawn into a mystery when she sees a man from her past who had a connection to her late Grandfather. He gives her boxes of information about Beth Kilgore, who went missing 20 years ago and also his dog. Meanwhile Troy finds a dead body up on the mountains and we also learn that a man from her Grandmother’s past has broken out of prison. Soon Mercy and Troy are on the hunt for how the past has come back to haunt them today and it puts many lives in jeopardy, including Elvis and her Grandmother. Soon she makes shocking discoveries and hopes it’s not too late to save everyone.

You can pick up The Hiding Place in stores Tuesday, March 30th from Minotaur Books.

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