Book Review: ‘The Grace Kelly Dress: A Novel’ By Brenda Janowitz

One wedding dress spans three generations of one family based on the famous dress that Grace Kelly wore for her wedding with the Prince. This is the story of how the dress was first created in in 1958 in Paris. First made by Rose and then passed down to Joan for her wedding in 1982 then passed to Rocky for her wedding in 2020. Each person has their own unique story about their love, weddings and how the dress affects them each personally. Each chapter is told from one of the characters point of view during their time. The dress brings out a lot of family background and even some long held secrets, as Rocky tries to work up the nerve to tell her mother she doesn’t want to wear it.

A heart-warming story of love, weddings, romance and family. Three generations of one family connected through a dress and a desire to be happy with it and how dress has affected their family over the years.

You can pick up The Grace Kelly Dress in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd from Graydon House.

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