Book Review: ‘The Girls With No Names: A Novel’ By Serena Burdick

Two sisters aged sixteen and thirteen in 1913 living with their parents in New York go through different crisis and one gets into a situation she may not be able to get out of.

Luella is sixteen and his sister Effie is thirteen. She has a serious heart condition and no one knows how long she will survive. They learn that their father is having an affair and it throws them for a loop, especially Luella. She starts acting out and her parents are ready to send her to Paris to live with her Grandmother and Uncle. She refuses to go. Then one day she’s gone and Effie is told she was sent to summer camp (she doesn’t believe it).

Effie thinks her sister is at the House Of Mercy, considered to be an Americanized version of the Magdalene laundries, and arranges to get herself in there. No one knows she’s doing this. She is determined to find Luella and take her home. She soon learns that she is not there and she’s trapped now. She meets Mable and a plan is devised to escape, things are not what they planned and soon she will have to form another plan before it’s too late.

Author Serena Burwick has done her research and written a fascinating story with well-written characters. The story is told from different characters points of views and that makes the story flow great. You root for Effie in her quest to find her sister and to free herself from the mess she has gotten into.

You can pick up The Girls With No Names in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Mira.

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