Book Review: ‘The Fox’ Is The Next Thrilling Frederick Forsyth Novel

Bestselling author Frederick Forsyth (The Day Of The Jackal, The Kill List, The Odessa File) is back with his newest thriller that deals with the world of hacking. He’s a former Royal Air Force pilot, journalist and even a spy for M16, so he knows of what he writes. This is a thrilling look at something that can and does happen on occasion and that would be hacking.

When former chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service Sir Adrian Weston is called in the middle of the night he of course answers his phone. It’s the Prime Minister of Great Britain and she needs his help. What he hears is quite shocking. The NSA, CIA and Pentagon have all been hacked. How could someone do this through their tough security and firewalls? The hacker has been named ‘The Fox’ and very little has been found about him. A slight IP address was found but not enough to find him. When he hacks again more of his IP is left and it’s able to be traced to a small town in England. This hacker has no agenda, nothing has been taken or altered.

The Americans want him but the Prime Minister is worried about the fallout. Sir Adrian is put in charge to lead the charge to find this person. It leads to a secret undercover mission and what they find is shocking. A family of four, two parents and two sons. A normal family. Turns out the hacker is a teenage boy named Luke Jennings, who has Asperger’s Syndrome and is basically his own world. He’s just a genius and does this to point out the flaws and being able to hack. He’s not a terrorist or a bad guy.

Sir Adrian comes up with a plan to use Luke to the advantage of the rest of the world. He uses him to hack the bad guys like the Russians, Iranians and North Koreans to take out key sites in those countries by hacking them with Luke. Unfortunately for Luke there are moles and word gets out to the other countries and hits are put out on Luke. But Sir Adrian is always one step ahead and is able to protect Luke as the threats get worse. But has Sir Adrian gone to far and caused problems for Luke and the rest of the world by his hacking?

The character of Sir Adrian is fascinating in how he handles everything from the hacking, to dealing with the United States to his military might in protecting the life of Luke Jennings. This is where the background of author Forsyth comes into play with the story.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 23rd from Putnam.

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