Book Review: ‘The First Actress: A Novel Of Sarah Bernhardt’ By C.W. Gortner

I love these type of books as I learn new stuff each time I read them. I had never heard of this actress Sarah Bernhardt and she was a force to be dealt with for her time in the 1800’s. Born to a Jewish courtesan out of wedlock, she never had it easy growing up. Sent to a Convent where she acted in her first play and decided she want’s to become Catholic. After her time there ended she was told to get married since she didn’t have a job. She got into a very prestigous acting-school and started doing plays. Then she ended up getting pregnant and it caused a scandal and she was basically black-balled from getting acting jobs. She gets a break and is able to resume her acting and ends up becoming one of the best actresses of her time throughout Europe and America. This book is well researched and written and it’s a fascinating story of a woman who wanted it all and got it all.

You can pick up The First Actress in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from Ballantine.

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