Book Review: ‘The Fervor: A Novel’ By Alma Katsu

I am a fan of author Alm Katsu and enjoyed her previous books The Hunger and The Deep and now she’s written something completly different from those two. This is a page-turning horror thriller that you won’t want to put down. Mysterious parachutes are being dropped at various places in the United States in 1944 and affecting people with a mysterious substance and spiders. For the Japanese in the internment camp in Idaho, Meiko and her daughter Aiko, it has a direct effect. Meiko has survived it and there’s a reason for this. Her father had found out about them years ago and had made a cure. Now Meiko teams up with a reporter who’s on to what’s going on and a missionary, who lost his wife to this and together they try to stop this once and for all, before it’s use as a weapon in the war and kills innocent people.

You can pick up The Fervor in stores on Tuesday, April 26th from Putnam.

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