Book Review: ‘The Day Of The Dead: A Novel’ Is A Great Conclusion To Frieda Klein’s Story With Dean Reeve

The conclusion of the series with Frieda Klein and Dean Reeves is a riveting, page-turner, cat and mouse story. Full disclaimer I have never read any previous novels in the series. The author does a great job though of giving enough back story so we know what is going on.

A couple of mysterious deaths have the police in London and public on edge. A man loses control and his car smashes into a store front area. It’s later learned he had been killed days before. Meanwhile criminology student Lola Hayes is struggling for a topic for her dissertation. Her adviser suggests she write on Frieda Klein. Get into her mind and what she has been about the last 10 years or so. Frieda has worked with the police on occasion and has been involved helping with serial killers.

Lola starts her research and tries to talk to Frieda who is nowhere to be found. And no one seems to want to talk to her. Lola decides she will trace Frieda’s past actions and traces her steps to the water. She meets strange people and talks with them. One of them is someone she shouldn’t have talked to.

When Lola goes to a graveyard she runs into Frieda who wants nothing to do with her. She mentions she is writing about her and has been talking to people and visiting places. Frieda figures out of the people she met was Dean Reeve and now her life and Frieda’s are again in danger (Frieda has been in danger for years). She takes Lola and the go to ground hiding out. When more murders take place Frieda comes up with a plan. She is going to go on the offensive and find and take down Reeve once and for all. A game of cat and mouse, once upping and possible betrayal leads to a final showdown where someone might not survive.

You can pick up The Day Of The Dead: A Novel by Nicci French in stores on Tuesday, July 24 from William Morrow.

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