Book Review: ‘The Closer You Get: A Novel’ By Mary Torjussen

A twisted tale of love, betrayal, secrets and murder highlight the newest novel form author Mary Torjussen. With lots of twists and turns right up to the end, the reader is taken on a ride from the beginning to the very end.

Ruby works for Harry and has for 18 months. They are both married. And they are having an affair with each other. And they finally have decided to end their marriages tonight and be with each other. Ruby tells her husband it’s over and goes to a hotel to meet Harry. Harry never shows up. Harry never calls. Harry is home with his wife as Ruby drives by.

Come Monday morning when Ruby goes to work she finds out she’s been fired. She feels like a fool for believing in Harry. And then she finds out Harry’s wife is pregnant. Now Ruby has to start over. She finds a cheap apartment not in the best part of town. She has to find a new job until her house is sold and she has her husband put it on the market.

Then strange things start to happen. Someone keeps coming into her apartment. Someone is following her. When she runs into Harry she learns a shocking truth. And as we read the story we learn a shocking truth that spins the story in a new direction. And by the time the novel is over someone is dead and truths come out.

You can pick up The Closer You Get in stores on Tuesday, April 21st from Berkley.

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