Book Review: ‘The City Of Tears: Book 2 Of The Burning Chambers’ By Kate Mosse

The follow-up to last years The Burning Chambers finds Piet and Minou in the year 1572 living with their 7 year old daughter Marta and young son Jean-Jacques. The situation in Paris between the Huguenots and the Catholics has seemed to reach a peaceful accord for the moment. When the family goes to Paris for a royal wedding, things go to hell. Marta sneaks out one night and disappears. Their old enemy Vidal is seen and he’s aware of Minou and Piet as well. And then the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre takes place and lots of lives are lost including one close to Minou. They have to flee Paris for Amsterdam, where Piet learns shocking things about his past. And years later Vidal surfaces and they learn that Marta may still be alive and a final showdown takes place, which turns out to be deadly. And then we have the mystery of the end of the first book which begins the story and will most likely play a bigger part in the next chapter.

A solid two novel in the series that gives a lot more background on Piet and the religious war that is still going on and keeps us interested for the next chapter.

You can pick up The City Of Tears on stores on Tuesday, January 19th from Minotaur Books.

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