Book Review: ‘The Choice: Novel’ By Gillian McAllister

A woman has to make a life altering choice. What will she choose?

Joanna is married to Ruben and out for the night with her friend Laura. A man is hitting on her and grabs her and she can feel something from him. She and Laura leave and go their own ways. Joanna hears something behind her and thinks the man is following her. As she gets to a set of stairs a man comes toward her and she pushes him and he goes tumbling down the stairs. He looks like he is dead. Joanna has to make a snap decision does she call the police right away or walk away?

The novel follows Joanna on both paths of what could happen. We follow her life as she calls the police and we follow her life as she walks away.

The story alternates between each scenario as she comes to terms with what happened and what she will do next. It affects her life in so many ways. It’s a fascinating, well-written novel that looks at both sides of her dilemma. It asks the question what would you do?

You can pick up The Choice in stores on Tuesday, June 2nd from Putnam.

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