Book Review: ‘The Bride Wore White: A Burning Cove Novel’ By Amanda Quick

Burning Cove is once again the setting for this murder mystery. Prudence Ryland is a psychic dream reader, known as Madame Ariadne, in San Francisco. On this night, a man comes in, and she can read he’s going to try and kill her. She uses her psychic energy to best him, and flees to Los Angeles, and starts a new life. After she’s kidnapped, she wakes up in a wedding dress, with a dead man next to her, in a fancy hotel. She turns to Luther Pell for help, and is assigned Jack Wingate, to figure out who did this to her. It involves a wealthy, powerful family in San Francisco, and the two of them form a plan to flush out who is the murderer, and why. Turns out this family is working against each other, and with twists and turns, just who survives the pile of dead bodies. I love this Burning Cove series, and this is another good one. The chemistry between Prudence and Jack is off the charts, and it’s fun following them, and their relationship, as it reaches new heights. Fans of this series will be happy.

You can pick up The Bride Wore White in stores on Tuesday, May 2nd from Berkley.

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