Book Review: ‘The Book Of Cold Cases: A Novel’ By Simone St. James

The novel is set in 2017 in Claire Lake, Oregon and centers around 29-year-old Shea Collins. She works during the day as a receptionist in a medical office and at night she runs an unsolved true crimes website called Book Of Cold Cases. The site is getting some good attention and Shea ofter writes posts and looks into crime scenes not solved. Shea also has a secret past, something that happened to her at 9-years-old that she doesn’t really talk about. It makes her scared even to this day. At her job she meets Beth Greer, a rich single woman, who lives in the Green Mansion, where her parents both died many years ago. Beth was a suspect in 1977 of the murders of two men in their cars dubbed The Lady Killer. She was the only suspect and went to trial and found not guilty. She has been a reclusive ever since then. Shea gets Beth to let her interview her for her site and begins going to the creepy mansion, where strange things happen. Through flashbacks we learn about Beth’s past and what really happened all those years ago. And as Shea puts the pieces together it becomes even more scary for her, as she believes the house is haunter and she won’t give up until she gets the truth, even it puts her life in jeopardy. I always like Simone St. James books and this is another thrilling story, that will keep the reader on edge throught the novel. Fans will of psychological thrillers will like this one.

You can pick up The Book Of Cold Cases in stores on Tuesday, March 15th from Berkley.

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