Book Review: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come: A Novel’ By Debbie Macomber

The latest from Debbie is one of her best books yet. In Oceanside, Washington Cade is in court on charges of assualt (and others) after getting drunk. He’s a former soldier who lost a part of his leg and his two best friends. The judge gives him probation and counseling as part of his sentence. Hope Goodwin is a teacher at the high school and lost her twin in battle a couple of years ago. She starts to volunteer at a dog shelter and meets Cade. She also meets a German Shephard named Shadow who was abused and doesn’t like anyone. But he warms to Hope and soon she is able to adopt him. She also starts getting close to Cade and soon they open up to each other. Hope is also having issues at school dealing with teen angst and violence. As she and Cade get closer, they must each put their pasts behind them, in order to move forward. Nobody writes these kind of books like Debbie and this is a heart-warming novel story that will touch you emotionally. You will root for these two to overcome and be together.

You can pick up The Best Is Yet To Come in stores on Tuesday, July 12th from Ballantine.

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