Book Review: ‘The Belle Of Belgrave Square: A Novel’ By Mimi Matthews

The year is 1862 in London, England and for heiress Julia Wychwood it’s a trying time. Her best friends are away, there are balls and dinners to attend and she has to deal with her sick parents. War hero Jasper Blunt has come to London to find a rich wife to help take care of his house, in dire needs or repair and his three children. Jasper is attracted to Julia, who wants nothing to do with him. They keep running into each other and she starts to let her guard down. But she hears things about him that are not good. And her father has refused to let him court her or marry him. She knows he wants her for her money, but soon feelings start happening. When he finally rescues her from her parents, they are married and leave London and back to where Jasper lives with his kids. They have conditions on being married and one is Julia is to never go into his attic office or ask about his past, and he has to court her before bedding her. And when she tries to get her money, her father tries to stop it. Julia soon learns shocking things about Jasper and is not sure she can stay with him after a shocking reveal. She flees to London to confront her father and Jasper decides he has to fight for her, but is it too late? A heart-warming love story that the reader gets emotionally invested in. You root for these two and for the kids to be a family. Another great rom-com to add to your collection.

You can pick up The Belle Of Belgrave Square in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Berkley.

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