Book Review: ‘The Beast’s Heart’ Is A Beautiful Love Story

A luxuriously magical retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” set in seventeenth-century France and told from the point of view of the Beast himself.

In this extraordinary tale of an animal striving to regain his humanity, his tortured mind not completely aware of the reason for the ultimate curse, to lose one’s humanity and the agony knowing should the curse succeed, then your soul is forfeit. This telling of the beloved story of “Beauty and the Beast” is brought to you in a way that will shatter any illusions that this is a fairytale, shiny and bright with love and laughter, it’s anything but.

The premise of the story remains true but the working of the relationship between beauty and the beast is remarkable. You are taken into the heart and mind of the beast and you so much want the spell broken, you have to work really hard to understand the mind of the beast because he borders on madness.

The awakening feelings of love and need that start to surface in both of our lovers is beautifully done. It is most definitely an adult love story. Certainly, the background is different to the old tale but for all of that, very enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be keeping it on my bookshelf. Prepare to be amazed at the depths of feelings this story awakens.

Available in bookstores February 12th

Ann McDonald

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