Book Review: ‘The Beach Trap: A Novel’ By Ali Brady

A heartwarming story about two women and their how their lives were different and coming together to be the family they should have always been. Kat and Blake first met as 12 year-olds at camp and became instant best friends. Then they both learned they have the same father and one of them never gets to see their father. Their friendship ends and then 15 years later when Dad dies, they both learn that he has left the family beach house in Destin, Florida to them. Each owns half of it and neither can sell it without the other. Blake needs money to help pay for her Grandfather and hopes to sell, who is in a home. Kat is a social influencer and has always loved the house. They come face to face for the first time since camp and it doesn’t go well. The house is also in bad shape and wouldn’t sell for much. Blake decides to fix it up and Kat says fine as long as she has some say. Along the way they start getting close and both women meet men and start new relationships. As the summer rolls along and they get closer, old rifts might blow apart their new relationship and the new loves they have formed. A great summer beach read.

You can pick up The Beach Trap in stores on Tuesday, June 14th from Berkley.

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