Book Review: ‘Tell No Lies’ Is The Next Exciting Quinn And Costa Novel By Allison Brennan

A young girl is killed just outside of Tucson, Arizona and now the FBI special unit headed by Matt Costa is on the case. Kara Quinn is part of the crew and working undercover at the local bar. Also they’re investigating alleged illegal dumping in the desesrt which is killing wildlife. As they investigate it leads to a local company, involves trafficing, money laundering and gun running from Mexico. And on top of that is the sexual tension between Quinn and Costa. The more they dig, the more they learn and soon Kate finds her life in danger and it’s up to Costa to save her life.

A great follow-up to the first book in the series The Third To Die last year. The story starts off strong and never lets up. Throw in the tension between Quinn and Costa and there’s a lot going on to keep the reader engaged throughout the story.

You can pick up Tell No Lies in stores on Tuesday, March 30th from MIRA.

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