Book Review: ‘Survivor Song’ Is The Next Thrilling Paul Tremblay Novel

I look forward to every new Paul Tremblay novel and his newest one Survivor Song does not disappoint. Two women must fight through virus that has quarantined Massachusetts to try and save their lives and that of an unborn baby.

A rabies virus has spread through the animal population in Massachusetts and residents are told to quarantine and stay indoors. A cure has been dropped outside for animals to eat that should kill them and help wipe out the virus. For Natalie and Paul it becomes hell. She’s nine months pregnant and is due in a matter of days/weeks. Paul has gone out for supplies and has just arrived home. They are accosted by a man who has been bitten. The virus now seems to be spreading to humans and rather quickly.

Paul is bitten and killed and Natalie is attacked, bitten but manages to kill the man. She takes off to her friend’s house, who happens to be a doctor. Dr. Ramola help rush her to the hospital where she’s given the antidote that will hopefully work. But lately it seems once a human is infected, the cure may not work. It is decided that Natalie is to have the baby right away but the hospital is not prepared. She will be sent to another clinic that can handle it. The hospital is suddenly attacked by some turned humans and Natalie and Ramola barely make it out. Their ambulance driver is killed.

Ramola drives them to the clinic but it’s not easy to get there after a car accident. Two strangers appear and they try to help and it becomes a rush against time to get Natalie’s baby out and before she may turn violent. To say anymore would be spoilers.

I didn’t thing Paul could top The Cabin At The End Of The World but he has. He has become one of the top writers of this genre, right up their with Stephen King. Just a well-written novel that keeps the reader on the edge all the way through.

You can pick up Survivor Song in stores on Tuesday, July 7th from William Morrow.

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