Book Review: ‘Sunset Beach’ By Mary Kay Andrews Is A Perfect Summer Read

Drue Campbell’s live has been turned upside down. Her mom has passes away, she screwed up her acl and her estranged father Brice has come for a visit. She has inherited her grandparents house near where her father lives with his latest wife (who Drue went to school with). Her father is a wealthy lawyer who runs one of those law firms looking for people that have been injured and want to go after business and insurance companies for big money.

Brice offers her a job at his firm and she decides to move from Lauderdale to Sunset Beach to go work for him. She has to deal with Wendy (his wife) who is office manager. The house she has in bad shape and she has a lot of work to do to it. One day a client comes in to complain once again about the payout and case from two years ago involving her murdered daughter. Drue hears about the case and decides to investigate it even though it is over and settled. Drue turns out to be a good investigator and finds new information she brings to the police. It also puts her life in jeopardy as well.

Drue also finds a folder in the attic of her house dealing with a missing persons case from 40 years ago. That was when her dad and uncle Zee where on the police force and she investigates this case as well. She thinks maybe Brice had something to do with the missing woman. We learn via flashbacks what happened to her and it hits home closer than she thinks.

All the time Drue has to come to terms with her dad, his new wife and the job she has. She has to make a new life for herself and she may even find the right man.

Author May Kay Andrews has written another delightful book full of great characters, a twisty-turning story that keeps the reader engaged right to the end. A perfect summer read.

You can pick up the book in stores Tuesday, May 7th from St. Martin’s Press.

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