Book Review: ‘Suburban Hell: A Novel’ By Maureen Kilmer

Amy, Liz, Jess and Melissa are all close friends and neighbors in a suburban neighborhood outside of Chicago. They get together and drink and watch movies and talk about their lives. Liz has decided to build a She Shed in her back yard for them to have a place to hangout. What she didn’t expect is that when the digging started a demon would emerge and take over her body. And then she would try to kill her friends and their kids. Amy has been sensing something is wrong with Liz and convinces her friends that Liz is in trouble and they need to do something. So banding together they decide they’re going to get rid of this demon and bring their friend Liz back or die trying. This is the debut novel from author Maureen Kilmer and it’s a delightful, fun, spooky, scary story. At it’s core it’s about friendship and the bonds of love for these four women. Maureen has hit a home-run with her first novel.

You can pick up Suburban Hell in stores on Tuesday, August 30th from Putnam.

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