Book Review: ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ Is A Heartwarming Romantic Young Adult Novel

I have become addicted to reading the Young Adult novels that have been coming out. I am not in the age demo at all but they are always enjoyable. A far cry from all the police detective/murder mysteries that I read. Author Maurene Goo has written Somewhere Only We Know, out May 7th, about two young people who end up needing each other if only for a day.

Lucky is the biggest K-Pop singer right now in Asia at the age of 17. She has just finished her Asian tour in Hong Kong and is about to travel back to her home state of Los Angeles to do an American late night TV show in hopes of making it into the American market. She is kept on a leash by her managers and people in charge. She has bodyguards, is told where to be and what to do most of the time. She hasn’t gotten to have a normal teenage life.

Jack is eighteen years old living in Hong Kong. He’s taking a gap year before college (which he isn’t sure he wants to go to). He is also from Los Angeles now living in Hong Kong because his parents moved here to work. Jack is told he must intern with his dad at his bank since he’s not going to college right away. He lives in an apartment with a roommate and also freelances as a paparazzi getting pictures of celebs for a magazine. He’s charming and resourceful.

Lucky has been given her pills for the night but wants a hamburger. She manages to allude her bodyguards in her state and runs into Jack who is leaving the hotel. She’s in her hotel slippers. Jack thinks she is drunk and has no idea at first who she is. He takes her to a couple of places and then back to his apartment to sleep it off. He figures out who she is. The next day Lucky freaks out but Jack convinces her to spend the day having fun with her (never letting on who she is). They have a great day together and are following in love with each other. Lucky has never had any type of scandal and has to keep it that way. Jack is secretly taking pics for the magazine but starts to feel guilty about i. Just when things are going good, Lucky sees Jacks phone and freaks out. He had told her earlier he knew who she was. Lucky takes off on Jack and back to her people.

The day has changed each of them for the better. They both enjoyed their time together and now the question is can they over come this and somehow reunited despite her people and image?

A sterling story set in a great local in Hong Kong makes for a really fun romantic-comedy. A great summer read.

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