Book Review: ‘Shoot First’ Is The Next Stone Barrington Thriller

Stuart Woods is back with his 45th Stone Barrington novel this one titles Shoot First, available in stores on Tuesday, April 10th, from G.P. Putnam’s Sons. As like almost every other Stone book a beautiful woman named Meg is in trouble and Stone is to the rescue.

In Key West for a week with Viv and Dino for a Steel Group board meeting, things get dicey when playing golf with Meg Harmon, a recent billionaire, Arthur Steel and his son, a shot is fired and someone is injured. Not sure who was the target, Stone takes Meg back the house he’s renting to hang with him, Viv and Dino. Of course this being Stone one thing ends up leading to another. Soon they figure that Meg was the target of the bullet.

They fly back to New York where Meg is looking for a place to buy and she stays with Stone and Bob the labator (who now has a girlfriend!). Soon they find out they are being watched and decide to go his house in Maine. They’ve been tracked there as well and soon meet up with Ed Rawls and head out on Stone’s boat. They figure out they are being followed and soon that is taken care of.

Back in New York more trouble follows so it’s off to Stone’s England house where trouble again follows. Thinking they have put one over on the bad guys, they return to New York, where once again trouble follows and Meg is taken and must fight for her life.

After a string of really good Stone books this one is average (which means it’s still good). I felt like I have read this type of story before in a previous book. Still I enjoy visiting with Stone and company every few months. If you’ve never read a Stone Barrington book before dive in now. You haven’t had to read any of the previous books to know what is going on. Stuart Woods does a great job every book with enough backstory to understand who is who and their place in the Stone universe.

So jump in on Tuesday, April 10th or pick up any previous books in the series. You won’t be disappointed.

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