Book Review: ‘Shattered Mirror’ Is The Next Exciting Eve Duncan Novel

A man with a grudge against Cara’s Grandfather won’t stop until he’s taken his revenge against Eve, her six year old son Michael and Kara.

Eve Duncan, Joe Quinn and their six year old son are in Atlanta living their lives life normal. Eve is working on her re-constructions and dealing with Michael and the things that come with a six year old. He is a smart well-mannered kid. And he has a lot of the instincts of Eve. He senses something or someone is near by. And he’s right. A man named Rory Norwalk is watching him and the house. And then Joe finds a box in his car. It’s a skull and Eve is fascinated by it and is going to work on it. Michael is also drawn to it. They name her Sylvie.

Meanwhile at school Cara and her roommate Darcy are doing well with their music courses. Cara notices that Darcy has bad dreams like she use to (and still does on occasion). Cara is also mad at Jock for ignoring her for months until he just shows up. She finds out he’s been having her watched. She’s also attacked one night in her room. Jock insists they go to Eve’s house in Atlanta (she was planning a visit). Cara and Darcy go to the house. When they see the head Darcy screams, it’s her twin sister Sylvia.

Her sister had medical issues since birth and was last known to be in a hospital in Europe. Then Eve gets a call from Rory saying it’s on and soon she will lose her family. Not knowing what this is all about Jock and Joe start investigating and eventually link it to Cara’s Grandfather Kaskov. While in town for a soccer game a bomb goes off in an ice cream parlor that Michael is in. He’s presumed dead. In reality he’s been taken by Rory and Even senses him.

They take off for New Orleans where Kaskov is and then the race is on to save Michael and figure out his game plane once and for all. It’s a deadly game that could cost Eve and her family their lives.

Also Cara and Jock come to a crossroads on their relationship. She’s now eighteen and feels things for him that go beyond friendship. He’s confused as well and they have to figure out where they will go from here.

Another exciting adventure with Eve Duncan and her family. These books are really enjoyable to read and it’s fun visiting with them every few months. Regardless if you’ve read any of the previous books you can jump right in with this one.

Available in stores on Tuesday, April 24th, from St. Martin’s Press.

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