Book Review: ‘Seven Letters’ By J.P. Monninger Is A Novel About Love And Loss

A story set in Ireland finds one woman not looking for love then finding it and losing it. Kate Moreton is a teacher at Dartmouth who takes a leave to go to Ireland to work on her dissertation about the Blasket Islands, a remote area where her father was born. Along her way she meets Nora Crean known as Gran. She invites Kate over the next day and introduces her to her Grandson Ozzie, who is half-Irish and half-American, with dual citizenship. Ozzie was a Navy Seal in Afghanistan. Something he hasn’t been able to put behind him or talk about.

He is smitten with Kate, who wants to concentrate on her work and is not looking for a man. But he wears her down with persistence and a cute dog named Gottfried and they fall in love quickly. At first everything is great but Kate starts to see the real Ozzie and it is not what she expected. He has major issues still from his war days and they end up leaving him and going back to America and her life never talking to him again but still married. Then she gets shocking news and her life turns upside down and she wonders about the man and her marriage and goes on an adventure to figure who Ozzie is and the things he has done and then gets even more shocking news that changes her life.

The story is set beautifully in Ireland and author Monninger paints a great picture of the area. A passionate love story with characters you want to root for against the odds, make for a great story. And anytime a cute puppy/dog is part of the love story I am all in.

You can pick up Seven Letters in stores on Tuesday, October 8th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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