Book Review: ‘Secret Scouts And The Lost Leonardo’ Is A Great Start To A New Time-Traveling Series For Kids

I love Science Fiction and historical fiction. I also love time traveling adventures (I am a big Doctor Who fan). So when you combine them all together I am in. Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo is the first book in a new series that involves time travel and young adults who are not only smart but inventive.

When sisters Lisa and Sophie are given a sketch by an older neighbor they are excited. They show their best friends and neighbors Tom and Jack and decide they want to investigate the painting. They think it might be valuable. Lisa and Sophie’s dad is an art expert and they go into his office to look for a book to see if they can find the sketch. While in there they find a secret room behind a book case. The find an old book as well as what looks like a planetarium. They grab the old book and start looking through it. They discover it was written by Leonardo da Vinci and is part of a codex of his work from his life. It also involves a way to time travel. The more they read they discover how to do it and plan to go visit Leonardo.

They have all the instructions of what they need and plan the trip. It works and they are soon with Leonardo who’s excited to meet them and see that it worked. They hang with Leonardo for a while and they each teach each other things. They must return to their own time before they are discovered. Lisa leaves behind Sophie’s cell phone and bag. And this makes them take another trip to a later year and see Leonardo again and learn that he had to hide the phone and bag.

This causes Sophie and Jack to make a dangerous trip when they go Venice on a school trip to find the phone and bag before it’s too late. And this time traveling could cause ripples in time if they do anything to change one thing.

This is a great debut of a new series by authors Mr. and Mrs. King. It’s perfect for kids of all ages and the authors have done their research in regards to Leonardo da Vinci. I learned quite a few things about him that I didn’t know before. A second book is already scheduled for release next year. I for one can’t wait.

You can pick up Secret Scouts and the Lost Leonardo in stores on Tuesday, October 23.

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