Book Review: ‘Sanctuary: A Novel’ By Luca D’Andrea Is An Intense, Yet Bizarre Novel

How to describe Sanctuary is an intense, thrilling novel that takes the reader on a ride that you don’t want to put down but the book is also has bizarre moments and you really have to pay attention to the story as you read it. It’s the follow up to Beneath The Mountain (which I did not read).

The story is about a woman Marlene who’s decided to leave her powerful husband Herr Wegener, who is abusive and controlling. She knows she has only once chance at this. She robs his safe of sapphires and she takes them. They belong to a powerful group that Herr works with and he will be in big trouble if he can’t produce them. She has a plan and takes off into the night on her way to the border of Italy and her escape.

On her way she has a bad car accident and is rescued by a man that lives in the mountains. He nurses her back and offers to let her stay for a while. But something is off with him she soon discovers. He has an obsession for his pigs especially one of them.

Meanwhile Herr Wegener has figured out his wife has left and hires a hit-man called The Trusted Man, who always gets the job done. He warns Herr that once he signs the deal to take care of his wife there’s not stopping him. The Trusted Man is on the case when Herr learns that Marlene is pregnant and tries to stop the hit. But a deal is a deal and he cannot stop him.

And know things get interesting from this point on. It’s a thrill ride as things come to a head and who lives and dies is revealed. We also get back story on the principal characters via flashbacks throughout the novel and we know how each person became who they are today.

You can pick up Sanctuary in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from Harper Paperbacks.

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