Book Review: ‘Safe House’ By Jo Jakeman

Charlie Miller has changed her name and moved away after a stint in prison. Her former boyfriend Levi turned out to be a killer and she at first gave what she believed was the truth about where Lee was one night. She recanted when she remembered the truth and was told things be Lee. She was still sentenced to prison time and Levi was convicted of murders.

Now two years later she has bought a run-down house and is looking to start over. She hopes no one here will know who she is. She starts to meet the locals and becomes friends with them. One of them she thinks knows who she is.

A man named Ben is trying to track her down. We don’t know exactly why but he’s determined to find her. We also see the thoughts of someone that wants revenge against Charlie. Soon Been finds her and we learn why and is he the one who wants revenge on her or has she miscalculated everything?

A twisted tale of revenge that plays over current day and the past. We learn what happened via flashbacks to how things came to be. A few twists keep you interested in what is an average thriller.

You can pick up Safe House in stores on Tuesday, March 10th from Berkley.

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