Book Review: ‘Rules Of The Road: A Novel’ By Ciara Geraghty (need artwork)

Two women face their future on a road trip that will define them both.

Terry is married for 26 years and has two daughters. Her dad is in a nursing home with dementia and her best friend Iris has MS and is missing. It’s her birthday and Terry goes looking for her. She calls her job and finds out she took a weeks vacation. She goes to her house and finds a note to her mother and to herself. She’s planned her future and Terry is not happy with what she reads.

She has her father with her, as the nursing home is closed for a week because of rodents. Terry figures out where Iris is and goes to find her. Her not says she’s heading to Switzerland and she’s leaving on a ferry out of Dublin, where they live. Terry gets there in time and makes a rash decision to go with Iris taking her father as well. She’s trying to stop Iris from making a bad decision about her future. Terry leaves her husband and family to do this.

What follows is an adventure for Terry, Iris and her dad. To London, France and then Switzerland. On this road trip they find out things about each other and themselves that will refine them for the rest of their lives.

A sterling novel about friendship, love and human resilience. The story is well-written,m with a few LOL moments with characters you root for and a grand road trip for the ages.

You can pick up Rules Of The Road in stores on Tuesday, August 4th from Park Row.

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