Book Review: ‘Rovers’ Is One Of The Best Novels Of The Summer

It’s 1976 and brothers Jesse and Edgar are traveling around the country never staying in one place to often. They’re looking for money and victims. See they are creatures of the night called Rovers (basically they are vampires but that word is never used). They only have to eat once every 30 days. Rovers come out at night, they drink, smoke, party and eat normal food as well. They also tend to kill other Rovers. When they come across a situation with a gang of hitman type Rovers, they have to make a run for it to save their lives. Then there’s a dad who is mourning his dead son from two years ago and he learns about the Rovers and plans to take out as many as he can. He crosses paths with Jesse and Edgar and it all leads to a climatic showdown and a shocking end.

This book was Great! A well-written plot that keeps the readers engaged from the beginning to end. It has characters you root for and want to see overcome what could be a deadly fate. Everything about this novel is top-notch. One of the top 10 books of the year so far.

You can pick up Rovers in stores on Tuesday, July 27th from Mulholland Books.

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